Glitch is a cyberpunk comic about the struggles of an unlucky young woman living in a bad neighborhood. Caught in a war for survival where minds can be hacked and information is a well-sought commodity, mistakes are never without consequences. And when you dig holes in other people’s yards, sometimes you end up buried deeper than you thought...



Dealing with issues of morality and human nature, of free-will and determinism, but dressed as an action-packed story, Glitch is a side-project I’ve been working on for a couple of years and is finally starting to take shape. It’s born out of my love for comics and cyberpunk, and from my frustration with a few philosophical questions that have bugged me for at least a third of my life. It forecasts an interesting journey and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it at least as much as I enjoy creating it!



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Updated every three weeks. Hopefully.